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Offices at every level of government retain a wide array of public records in many forms. People hoping to access such records generally visit the appropriate office or garner them from a known third party site. Either option could very well necessitate an associated charge.

Carolyn Delores Henry
Age: 75
Relatives: Gary Henry; Lindsey Tolentino
Lived in: Jenks, OK; Villa Park, IL; Oak Brook, IL; Tulsa, OK; Chicago, ILWorked At: Csp Information Group , Inc.; Winsight Llc
Carolyn Jachyra Henry
Age: 50
Relatives: Marilyn Henry; James Henry; Randy Henry; Ann Henry
Lived in: Plainville, CT; Malibu, CA; Bristol, CT; Lake Isabella, CA; Easton, CT; Ventura, CA; Oxnard, CAWorked At: Rainrock Affiliate, Llc
Carolyn Eileen Henry
Age: 68
Relatives: Elwyn Golphin; Elwiyn Golphin
Lived in: Berkeley, CA; Hercules, CA; Antioch, CA; Oakland, CA; San Leandro, CAWorked At: Restaurants Unlimited Inc; Berkeley Food & Housing Project; Berkeley Chamber Of Commerce; Berkeley Alliance; United Skates Of America Inc
Carolyn R Henry
Age: 75
Relatives: Michael Henry; Jerry Edgar; Amanda Edgar; James Edgar; Brea Roth; Walter Henry
Lived in: Jacobsburg, OH; Summerfield, FL; Ocala, FL; Belleview, FL; Holloway, OHWorked At: Marion County Public Schools
Carolyn J Henry
Age: 84
Relatives: Cory Henry; Dug Henry; Douglas Henry; Lance Henry; Charles Henry; Debra Henry; Deseree Henry; Brandi Henry; Ryan Henry; Goldie Henry
Lived in: Sevierville, TN; Brevard, NC; Asheville, NC; Pigeon Forge, TN; North Port, FLWorked At: Cresp Update; Luther Forest Community Response Board; Doe; Department Of Experimental

Running a news crawl for Carolyn? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We have discovered not everyone has a name in the news. We have done the search - following is the culmination.


Woman arrested after disturbance at Field of Screams wanted on ...

... vehicular homicide and related offenses after a crash in Susquehanna Township in June 2009 that killed 55-year-old teacher Carolyn Henry.



Finalists for UGA College of Veterinary Medicine dean to visit campus

Carolyn Henry, professor and associate dean for research and graduate studies at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, ...

UGA Today


Son charged with shooting mother in the head in Marion County

Carolyn Henry investigators she was trying to hide from her son near the water, after he shot her in the head Friday night.


Variations, Abbreviations and Super Secret Names

One could find a person named Carolyn will go by a nickname or change the spelling.

Calleigh, Callie, Cari, Carol, Carrie, Carry, Caryl, Kallie, Karrie

Ninja Vs. Carolyn Henry

A lonely intern went looking for famous, historical and even fictional people called Carolyn Henry. Our research unearthed not much of anything.

Carolyn... That Sounds Familiar!

Some trivia: Carolyn ranks #752 as a popular first name for women historically in the USA. Where is Carolyn most common? In English, culturally. Variants of Carolyn in other languages include Karolina, Kája, Karoliina, Lien, Karoline, Karolyn, Karola, Ina, Carlyn, Carolina.

Surname: Henry!

Henry, as a last name, is the #149 most popular in the America. By the 2010 US Census, there may be 170,964 Henry's present in the United States. This chart below is organizing percentage by race. How about that?

  • White: 61%
  • Black: 31%
  • Latino: 3%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: 2%
  • Asian: <1%

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