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Christopher P Hughes
Age: 46
Relatives: Pinny Hughes; Sammy Hughes; Pinthary Sy; Peggy Hughes
Lived in: Cedar Hill, TX; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Carrollton, TX; Lancaster, TXWorked At: Carriage Services, Inc
Christopher Jay Hughes
Age: 39
Relatives: Kristy Hughes; Ladonna Hughes; Marty Hughes; Debra Hughes; Brittney Hughes
Lived in: Benton, LA; San Antonio, TX; Carl Junction, MO; Galena, KS; Bray, OK; Edmond, OK; Oklahoma City, OKWorked At: Pearson Plc; United Way Of San Antonio
Christopher Edward Hughes
Age: 47
Relatives: Siobhan Keplinger; Humberto Sanchez
Lived in: Washington, DC; Port Saint Joe, FL; Sterling, VA; Sioux Falls, SD; Melbourne, FLWorked At: Independence Air Inc
Christopher J Hughes
Age: 34
Relatives: Angela Hughes; Thomas Hughes; Denise Hughes; Gail Hughes; Kathy Stanfill; Jane Hughes
Lived in: Lexington, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Jackson, TN; Hendersonville, TN; Massillon, OHWorked At: King's College; King Machine And Tool Co
Christopher Patrick Hughes
Age: 45
Relatives: Catherine Hughes; Melissa Hughes; Patrick Hughes; Marie Hughes; Mark Hughes; Heather Hughes
Lived in: Green Bay, WI; Waterloo, WI; Marion, WI; Shawano, WI; Appleton, WI; Cecil, WI; Oshkosh, WIWorked At: Boston Scientific Corporation; Faegre & Benson Llp

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Jennie Stuart Medical Center launches robotic technology

Dr. Liza Weavind, Dr. Christopher Hughes, Dr. Pratik Pandharipande, Dr. Robert Freundlich and Dr. Arna Banerjee with a VGo, a robot used for teleICU ...

Clarksville Now


Lawyers wanting to 'change the world' lured from Slater & Gordon

... losing a wager over the State of Origin outcome with northern counterpart Queensland Bar Association president Christopher Hughes, QC.

The Australian Financial Review


Trial for man who killed former Auburn football player Jakell Mitchell ...

An order signed by Lee County Circuit Court judge Christopher Hughes on Thursday reset the trial for Markale Hart for the morning of Sept.

Variants, Nicknames and Whatnot

Frequently, a person named Christopher will go by an abbreviated name or change up the spelling.

Chip, Chris, Kit, Kris, Topher

Looking For An Historical Christopher Hughes

Our team searched into fictional, historical and famous people known as Christopher Hughes. The research discovered a scoop.

  • Chris Hughes (record producer) (born 1954), British musician and record producer; former drummer for the band Adam and the Ants
  • Chris Hughes, member of the band Beep Beep
  • Christopher Hughes (diplomat) (1786--1849), American attorney and diplomat
  • Chris Hughes (footballer) English football midfielder
  • Christopher Hughes (quiz contestant) (born 1947), British quiz champion
  • Christopher Hughes II a character on the American television soap opera As the World Turns
  • Chris Hughes (hypnotist) (born 1975), British hypnotist, hypnotherapist, speaker and entertainer
  • Chris Hughes (born 1983), American internet entrepreneur; co-founder of Facebook
  • Christopher Hughes, chairman of the National DNA Database Ethics Group
  • Chris Hughes (journalist) UK tabloid journalist and author

Starting With Christopher

Surprising? Christopher is the #32 most popular given name historically in the U.S. Where might you find Christopher's? English. Variants from other languages include Hristo, Krsto, Christoffer, Christophoros, Christy, Kristóf, Krzysztof, Christie, Críostóir, Christoffel.

Historical Record: Hughes

Surname Hughes ranks #90 most common. According to the US Census of 2010, we observe a notable 236,271 Hughes's present in the nation. This chart below is demonstrating percentage by race. Thanks for readin'!

  • White: 78%
  • Black: 16%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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