Donald Wilson

There are so many Donald Wilson's in the world

All governmental offices keep an abundance of various records in multiple formats. People looking to access these records may contact the appropriate agency or garner them from a reputable records website. Either one of these choices may very well necessitate putting it on plastic.

Donald James Wilson
Age: 36
Relatives: Judy Wilson; Kira Wilson; Scott Wilson; Michael Wilson; Jennifer Inskeep; Twillia Wilson; Judith Wilson; William Wilson; Dale Wilson; Ashley Bratton
Lived in: Wichita, KS; Haysville, KS; Valley Center, KS; Augusta, KS; Belle Plaine, KS
Donald Kevin Wilson
Age: 48
Relatives: Linda White; Jody Koschak; Joyce Mikowychok
Lived in: Duluth, MN; Virginia, MN; Aurora, MN; Britt, MN; Saint Cloud, MN
Donald Gene Wilson
Age: 57
Relatives: Patricia Wilson; Wf Wilson; Tuner Wilson; Martha Wilson; Turner Wilson; Gary Wilson
Lived in: Abingdon, MD; Joppa, MD; Jacksonville, NC; Edgewood, MD; Havre De Grace, MDWorked At: Freedom Enc; Freedom Enc Communication , Inc.; Freedom Eastern North Carolina Communications Inc
Donald J Wilson
Age: 60
Relatives: Daniel Reed; Emmy Reed; Jeffrey Wilson; Jr Reed
Lived in: Banning, CA; Beaumont, CA; Redlands, CA; Palm Springs, CA; Culver City, CA
Donald F Wilson
Age: 69
Relatives: Adam Wilson; Walter Wilson; Anita Wilson
Lived in: Littleton, CO; Urbana, OH; Grand Lake, CO; Dayton, OH; Englewood, CO

Here's the news for Donald Wilson... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So it seems not everyone can make the news. We have done some ninja training - here is what we found.


Son, mother charged in connection to 2009 Oklahoma death

The Southwest Times Record reports that Donald Wilson has been charged with first degree murder and unlawful disposal of human remains ...


Refugees targeted by 'deliberate' fire in Edinburgh

Local councillor, Donald Wilson, said: "Edinburgh is a diverse, culturally rich city and one of the safest places to live.

BBC News


Rag'n'Bone Man to headline Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Donald Wilson, Edinburgh's culture and communities convener, said: "Edinburgh's Hogmanay is the place to be to send off the 70th ...

BBC News

Variants, Nicknames and Noms de Plume

One might find an individual named Donald goes by an abbreviated name or change how's it spelled.

Don, Donnie, Donny

Waiting For Donald Wilson

We dug for fictional, historical and famous people known as Donald Wilson. The web found things previously lost to history.

  • Donald Erwin Wilson (died 2002), U.S. Navy admiral
  • Don Wilson (Australian footballer) (born 1914), Australian footballer
  • Don Willson (1913–1967), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Donald Wilson (writer and producer) (1910–2002), British television writer and producer
  • Don Wilson (baseball) (1945–1975), Major League Baseball player for the Houston Astros
  • Don Wilson (announcer) (1900–1982), American announcer and occasional actor in radio and television
  • Donald Wilson (general) (1892–1978), United States Army Air Forces general during World War II
  • Don W. Wilson (born 1942), former Archivist of the United States
  • Don Wilson (footballer, born 1930) (1930–2003), English football player and manager, played for Bury FC
  • Don Wilson, musician with the Ventures
  • Don M. Wilson III (born 1948), American banker and risk management specialist
  • Donald Roller Wilson (born 1938), American artist
  • Don E. Wilson (born 1944), American zoologist
  • Don Wilson (cricketer) (1937–2012), English cricketer
  • Don Wilson (kickboxer) (born 1954), American actor and kickboxer, nicknamed 'The Dragon'
  • Donald Wilson (cyclist) (born 1944), Australian cyclist
  • H. Donald Wilson (1923–2006), founder of LexisNexis
  • Don Wilson (gridiron football) (born 1961), gridiron football defensive back
  • Don Wilson (pastor) (born 1949), founder and senior pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley in Peoria

Starting With Donald

You might not know: Donald ranks #440 as a popular first name for boys throughout the USA. Where do you encounter Donald's? In Scottish, English cultures. Variants of Donald include Domhnall, Dónal, Donal, Domnall.

Wilson? For The Record

Wilson, as a surname, is the #14 most common in the US. By the 2010 US Census, we assume a total of 801,882 Wilson's here in the United States. The chart following is organizing percent by race. Your comments welcome!

  • White: 67%
  • Black: 26%
  • Latino: 3%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Asian: <1%

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