Grace Wagner

Did everyone suddenly name their kid Grace Wagner?

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Grace D Wagner
Age: 51
Relatives: Jaymee Wagner; James Wagner
Lived in: Lake Villa, IL; North Chicago, IL; Waukegan, ILWorked At: Abbott Laboratories Company; Abbvie Inc
Grace M Wagner
Age: 48
Relatives: Dymon Stern; Rodney Wagner; Dynan Wagner; Luke Wagner; Myron Wagner
Lived in: Allenton, WI; Theresa, WI; Horicon, WI; Slinger, WI; Kewaskum, WI
Grace L Wagner
Age: 58
Relatives: Susan Wagner; Linda Wagner; Harry Wagner; Andrew Delpreore; Betty Wagner
Lived in: Orlando, FL; Oviedo, FL; Winter Park, FL; Saint Petersburg, FL; Sanford, FL; Lake Mary, FL; Trenton, GA
Grace Trust Wagner
Age: 51
Relatives: Tracy Wagner; Ralph Wagner; Nathalie Wagner
Lived in: Carlsbad, CA; San Diego, CA; Chula Vista, CAWorked At: 24 Hour Fitness; Uc San Diego; Univ Of California San Diego; Southern Pride TruckingStudied at: Rock Valley College; Northern Illinois University; Vocational Business School
Grace S Wagner
Age: 68
Relatives: Leon Wagner; Emily Wagener; Michael Wagener; Gwen Wagner
Lived in: Everett, WA; Mukilteo, WA; Kirkland, WA; Lynnwood, WA; Monroe, WA; Bellevue, WA; Seattle, WAWorked At: Washington State Bar Association

We ran a news search on Grace! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It's rather apparent not everyone has a name in the news. We've taken on the search and thus here is what we found.


Winchester McCall Middle School chorus groups receive honors

... Declan Mahoney, Charlie Walsh, Alessandro Cella, Grace Wagner, Kayla Harrison , Dolly Pickelhaupt , Monica Correa , Maddie Heckler, ...

Wicked Local Winchester


Oak Hills High School honor rolls - third quarter

... Nathaniel Sheeler, Rachel Stergiopoulos, Anna Marie Wen Stoeckle, Haley Thompson, Anastasia Turner, Caitlin Venturini, Grace Wagner, ...


EV-W/K, ACGC track and field compete in Belgrade

13.3, 3. Grace Wagner (EVWK) 13.3, 6. Rayanna McRoberts (ACGC) 14.1, 7. Holly Loch (EVWK) 14.2, 12. Dyani Acosta (EVWK) 14.5, 13.

Crow River Media

Variants, Nicknames and Miscellany

Frequently, a person named Grace will go by an abbreviated name or change up the spelling.


You May Not Know Grace Wagner Like We Know Grace Wagner

Some of us went looking for historical, famous and even fictional individuals called Grace Wagner. The whole web created seriously, not a thing.

Behind the (Given) Name Grace

It's common! Grace ranks #19 as a popular female first name historically in the USA. Where might you find a Grace? In English cultures. Variants of Grace in other languages include Gratia, Gracelyn, Grazia, Graciela, Gracia, Gracília, Graziella, Graça, Gracja.

Wagner? Now That's a Name!

Wagner, as a last name, is the #173 most frequent in the America. The US Census of 2010 says we can estimate 155,795 people with the last name Wagner here in the US. Following is a chart showing percentage by race. Any comments?

  • White: 92%
  • Black: 3%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 1%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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