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Jack D Harris
Age: 92
Relatives: John Harris; Sarah Harris
Lived in: Spartanburg, SC; Huntsville, AL; Madison, AL; Stonington, CT; High Point, NCWorked At: Qualis Corporation
Jack Phillip Harris
Age: 42
Relatives: Sandra Harris; Ruby Harris; Willis Harris; Christopher Harris; Stacy Harris; Carrie Harris
Lived in: Pine Mountain, GA; Franklin, TN; Nashville, TN; Brentwood, TN; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Austin, TX; Warm Springs, GA
Jack R Harris
Age: 71
Relatives: Peggy Harris; Edith Harris; Ashley Harris; John Harris; Ernest Harris
Lived in: Greenwood, SC; Union, SC; Travelers Rest, SC; Sumter, SC; Waterloo, SC; Greenville, SC; Gray Court, SC
Jack M Harris
Age: 45
Relatives: Wendy Harris; Trey Harris
Lived in: Palm Coast, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Orange Park, FL; Norfolk, VA; Mebane, NCWorked At: Crane Pro Services
Jack Harris
Age: 47
Relatives: Leanne Harris; Janet Harris; Patrick Harris; Harvey Harris; Ashley Harris; Thomas Harris; Valerie Harris; Asia Harris; Dylan Harris; Torance Harris; Willie Harris; Crystal Harris; Brittiny Harris; Heather Harrison; Sara Harris; William Newkirk; Martha Newkirk
Lived in: Lakeland, FL; Sebring, FL; Lake Placid, FL; Tampa, FL; Gainesville, FLWorked At: Eli Lilly And CompanyStudied at: University Of Florida

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We do know not everyone can be found in the news. We've done the search and below is the result.


Oak Grove blows out Wayne County

... but in a slight variation of it with the three defensive players – Hayes Maples, Jack Harris and Jaden Crumedy – positioned out to the left.



Phoenix Becomes Illegal Alien Sanctuary

In 2008, former Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris revealed that a 24% decrease in homicides and a 26% decrease in auto thefts could be partly ...

Sonoran News


Seahawks edge Gators 7-6 at Jamboree

... junior Tonnor Segree at right tackle, senior Landen Abel at quarterback, senior Jack Harris, junior Ethan Riley and freshman Lamarius Martin ...

Apalachicola Times

Variants, Abbreviations and Superhero Names

One might find someone named Jack will go by a nickname or change how's it spelled.


You May Not Know Jack Harris Like We Know Jack Harris

Some of us went looking for fictional, historical and famous humans named Jack Harris. Our search created curious conclusions.

  • Jack Harris (Newfoundland and Labrador politician) (born 1948), Canadian MP, former leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic Party
  • Jack C. Harris (born 1947), American comic book writer and editor
  • Jack Harris (golfer) (born 1922), Australian golfer
  • Jack Harris (film editor) (1905–1971), English film editor
  • Jacky Harris (1900–1943), Australian rules footballer
  • Jack Harris (footballer, born 1993) Anglo-Cypriot professional footballer
  • Jack Harris (singer-songwriter) (born 1986), Welsh-born folk singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Jack Harris (Ontario politician) (1917–1997), former Canadian politician in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  • Jack H. Harris (1918-2017), American film producer
  • Jack Harris (American football) (1902–1973), player in the National Football League
  • Sir Jack Harris, 2nd Baronet (1906–2009), New Zealand businessman
  • Jack Harris (footballer, born 1891) (1891–1966), Scottish professional football player and manager
  • Jack Harris (broadcaster) (born 1941), American radio personality based in Tampa, Florida
  • Jack Harris (musician) (born 1951), English vocalist for The Alan Parsons Project

More About Jack

You may not know: Jack is the #40 most popular first name for men historically in the U.S. Where might you find Jack's? English cultures. Other variants of Jack include Xoán, Ivan, János, Keoni, Jean, Janne, Jouni, Jani, Yannis, Iwan.

Historical Record: Harris

Last name Harris is the #25 most popular in the US. According to the 2010 US Census, there would be 624,252 Harris's in the United States. Following is a breakdown organizing percent by race. Check it out!

  • White: 51%
  • Black: 42%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 3%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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