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Jack Perez
Lived in: Lynn, MAWorked At: Umass Memorial Medical Center
Jack Neiman Perez
Age: 60
Relatives: Patrisco Perez; Janet Perez; Rodrigo Perez; Bob Perez; Tyler Perez
Lived in: Enumclaw, WA; Federal Way, WA; Maple Valley, WA; Seattle, WA
Jack Marc Perez
Age: 50
Relatives: Kimberly Perez; Michael Perez; Edelmira Perez; Shelby Perez; Perez Jack; Craig Perez; Leanne Perez; Kendall Perez; Tyler Perez; Jr Perez
Lived in: Tampa, FL; Land O Lakes, FL; Zephyrhills, FL; Houston, TX; Pensacola, FL
Jack Perez
Age: 49
Relatives: Petronilo Perez; Christina Perez; Pete Perez
Lived in: Abilene, TX; Weinert, TX; Stamford, TX; Columbus, OHWorked At: Language Access Network , Inc.; American Kidney Stone Management CompanyStudied at: Holy Spirit High School; Seton Hall University
Jack Perez
Age: 49
Relatives: Alexandra Perez; June Perez
Lived in: Haverford, PA; Burlington, NJWorked At: Haverford College; Jjad Technologies Corporation; Profesionales Exitosos; Decisionone Corporation; Computter Data Source; Computer Data Source, Inc; MultimaxStudied at: 81St Training Wing

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10 Horror Directors Who Appeared in Movies They Didn't Direct

Director Jack Perez, who previously directed the John Landis-produced Some Guy Who Kills People, cast Dante and Landis in cameo roles in ...

Bloody Disgusting


Exclusive : Deep Blue Sea 2 is happening after all!

There's been numerous attempts at getting a sequel to the 1999 film off the ground (most recently Jack Perez spoke about his experience ...



Deep Blue Sea 2 Has Started Shooting in Africa

Earlier this year, director Jack Perez talked about the script he was commissioned to write for Deep Blue Sea 2, which would have been ...


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  • Jack Perez is an American film and television director screenwriter and film professor. Perez is known primarily for two efforts. He directed the acclaimed comedy-thriller Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) executive produced by John Landis. He also directed Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus (2009), whose trailer went viral and was named by Yahoo as one of the top 10 trailers of 2009, with more trailer views than Avatar.

Behind the (Given) Name Jack

Lots of them! Jack ranks #40 as a common male given name throughout the US of A. Jack is more common in some areas. English cultures. Variants of Jack include Joannes, Johano, Juhana, Janusz, Jonas, Ioan, Juan, Jean, Janne, Juhani.

More About Perez

Perez, as a surname, is the #22 most common in the United States. In consulting the US Census of 2010, there are a total of 681,645 Perez's in the United States. This chart below is demonstrating percentage by race. Check it out!

  • White: 5%
  • Black: <1%
  • Latino: 93%
  • Multiple: <1%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: 1%

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