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This planet sure has a lot of Jack Smith's

Every government office keeps an official repository of public records. Citizens hoping to access such records generally get in touch with a local or regional office or obtain those records from a known public records site. Either choice could very well require putting it on the card.

Jack Lamarr Smith
Age: 57
Relatives: Molly Kwasniak; Margaret Smith; Virginia Smith; Albert Shannon; Stephanie Smith
Lived in: Cincinnati, OH; Oxford, GA; Klamath Falls, OR; Canyon, TX; Glen Dale, OR; Keno, OR; Woodstock, GAStudied at: Oregon Institute Of Technology
Jack C Smith
Age: 57
Relatives: Melissa Smith; James Smith; Tammie Smith; Virginia Smith; Codey Smith; Theresa Smith; Margie Smith; Lisa Smith; Derrick Smith; Lindsey Smith; Patricia Smith; Martin Smith; John Smith; Lance Smith; Angela Smith; Margaret Smith; Niecie Smith; Kellie Smith; Glenn Smith; Rico Smith; Chadwick Smith
Lived in: Hazlehurst, MS; Jackson, MS; Brandon, MS; Pearl, MS; Byram, MS
Jack R Smith
Age: 54
Relatives: M Smith; Derek Smith; Raquel Smith; Darlene Smith; Edward Smith; Phillip Smith; Renee Smith; Kim Boomer; Eric Smith; Darnell Smith; Christopher Smith; Anita Smith; Tracy Smith; Susan Smith; Kristina Linthwaite; Dennis Smith; Kimberly Brogansmith
Lived in: Gilbert, AZ; Littleton, CO; Denver, CO; Englewood, CO; Longmont, CO; Boulder, CO; Mead, CO; Tempe, AZ; Phoenix, AZWorked At: Super-Tech Filter; Gateway Air West, Inc
Jack R Smith
Age: 48
Relatives: Rita Smith; Jennifer Smith; Darlene Smith; Stephen Smith; Ladonna Smith; M Smith; Savannah Smith; Lois Smith; Lj Smith
Lived in: Chesapeake, VA; Livonia, MI; Nampa, ID; Virginia Beach, VA; Templeton, CA; Collegeville, PA; Fairview Village, PA; Atascadero, CAWorked At: Wells Fargo; Originations; Protiviti Inc; Mindbody, Inc.; Taylor Frigon Capital Management LlcStudied at: University Of California, Berkeley; California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Jack P Smith
Age: 58
Relatives: Rita Smith; Bobby Smith; Percy Smith; Joan Smith; Bruce Smith; Margaret Smith; Marcus Smith; Garrett Smith; Brian Smith; Martha Smith; Sara Smith; Patrick Smith
Lived in: Frederick, MD; Reston, VA; Upper Marlboro, MD; Chesapeake Beach, MD; College Park, MD

Running a news crawl on Jack Smith!

We have found not everyone is worthy of the news. We have undertaken some discovery - here are the results.


Montgomery Co. school board gives superintendent an unexpected ...

The county's board of education voted to increase Dr. Jack Smith's annual pay during its meeting Thursday.



MCPS Security Review Calls for More Staff Training, School ...

Superintendent Jack Smith announced the security review in March after two Rockville High students were accused of attacking a teen girl in a ...



School Board OKs Pay Increase for Superintendent

Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Jack Smith is getting a $15,000 raise after his first year on the job.


Variants, Abbreviations and Super Secret Names

You might find a man named Jack goes by an abbreviated name or change up the spelling.


Looking For An Historical Jack Smith

Our team went searching for famous, historical and fictional humans known as Jack Smith. The internet dug up curious conclusions.

  • John F. Smith American soap opera writer
  • Smilin' Jack Smith (1913–2006), American crooner, radio/television host and actor.
  • Jack Smith (cricketer) (born 1936), former English cricketer
  • Jack W. Smith (1882/83–?), British trade union activist
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1910) (1910–1986), English player with Sheffield United
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1994) Scottish player
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1895) (1895–1946), Scottish player with Bolton Wanderers
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1882) (1882–after 1911), English player with Wolverhampton Wanderers and others
  • Jack Carington Smith (1908–1972), Australian artist
  • Whispering Jack Smith (1898–1950), American musician
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1983) English player
  • Jack Smith (columnist) (1916–1996), Los Angeles journalist
  • Jack Smith (defensive back) (born 1947), American football player
  • Jack Martin Smith (1911–1993), Hollywood art director
  • Jack Smith (footballer, born 1898) (1898–1977), English international footballer
  • Jack Smith (Australian footballer, born 1881) (1881–1927), Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne and Melbourne
  • John O'Neill (musician) (1926–1999), English musician credited as Whistling Jack Smith
  • Jack Smith (racing driver) (1924–2001), American NASCAR driver
  • Jack Smith ( American Dad! ) character in U.S. animated TV series American Dad!
  • Jack Smith (artist) (1928–2011), British abstract artist

More About the Jack's of the World

Jack ranks #40 as a common male first name in the USA. Where is Jack most common? English cultures. Some variants of Jack include Jovan, Ion, Jens, Jani, Jonas, Ivane, Johan, Keshawn, Seoc, Yahya.

Ending With Smith

The surname Smith is the #1 most popular in the America. According to the US Census of 2010, there may be a whopping 2,442,977 Smith's here in the nation. Here is the breakdown showing percent by race. Intriguing!

  • White: 71%
  • Black: 23%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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