Jacob Smith

There are so many Jacob Smith's in the world

Every government office maintains a comprehensive archive of public records in multiple formats. Those desiring to access these records can visit a local or regional office or secure those records from a trusted third party site. Either option may very well necessitate payment.

Jacob Lee Smith
Age: 34
Relatives: Hailey Smith; Justin Smith; Mary Smith; Amber Smith; Jerrod Smith; Jared Smith; Darin Smith
Lived in: Filer, ID; Dietrich, ID; Idaho Falls, ID; Glenns Ferry, ID; Boise, ID; Jerome, ID; Twin Falls, ID; Hammett, IDWorked At: Cradlepoint Inc; Micron Technology , Inc.; General Communication Inc; University Of Idaho College Of Engineering; Usda Forest Service; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Rural Network ServiceStudied at: University Of Idaho
Jacob Donald Smith
Age: 35
Relatives: Megan Smith; Tami Smith; Kevin Smith; Lauren Smith; Donald Smith; Peggy Smith; Mark Smith; Lance Smith
Lived in: Venice, FL; Arlington, NE; Plattsmouth, NE; Rogers, AR; Dawsonville, GA; Omaha, NE; Roanoke, VA; Elk Horn, NE; Sarasota, FL; Lincoln, NE; Norfolk, NE
Jacob Fenyvest Smith
Age: 40
Relatives: Kathleen Smith; Beverly Smith; Richard Smith; Tai Smith; Verena Smith; Beth Lombardi-Smith
Lived in: Amherst, MA; Williamsburg, MA; Haydenville, MA; Wellfleet, MA; Florence, MA; Conway, MA; Boulder, CO; South Deerfield, MAWorked At: Thayer Street Associates Inc
Jacob R Smith
Age: 38
Relatives: Karen Smith; Sarah Smith; Bonita Mcgraw; Kenneth Smith; Penolar Smith; Sharon Smith; Walter Smith; Reggie Smith; Carly Smith; Timothy Smith; Lilly Smith; Carrie Smith; Darwin Smith; Eugene Smith
Lived in: Sandusky, OH; Vermilion, OH; Huron, OH; Cleveland, OHStudied at: Ohio University Main Campus
Jacob Whitna Smith
Age: 39
Relatives: Michelle Ellis; Adam Smith; Gloria Smith; Victoria Smith; Amanda Smith; Travis Smith; Linda Smith
Lived in: Bloomingdale, GA; Beaufort, SC; Douglasville, GA; Oceanside, CA; Watertown, SD; Martin, SD; Rockmart, GA; Ludowici, GA; Sioux Falls, SDWorked At: Local 80; G F Y Inc.; Fantasy IslandStudied at: Santa Monica College; School Of Hard Knocks

We did a news look-up on Jacob Smith.

Ninja knows not merely anyone crops up in the news. We have taken on our work and thus here is the conclusion.


Houston furniture store lets evacuees sleep in showroom

Christa Girtmann, 29, and Jacob Smith, 25, left their home in Rosenberg, Texas, as it flooded on Monday evening.



Cheer up, Rick Baker. This race isn't over yet

It's our job to talk to them about what they care about," said Kriseman campaign manager Jacob Smith.

Tampabay.com (blog)


When a furniture showroom becomes a storm shelter

Christa Girtmann, 29, and Jacob Smith, 25, left their home in Rosenberg, Texas, as it flooded on Monday evening.


Variations, Abbreviations and Ninja Names

Frequently, an individual named Jacob uses an abbreviated name or change the spelling.

Cobus, Coby, Coos, Ib, Jaap, Jake, Jeb, Jeppe, Kapel, Kobe, Kobus, Koby, Koos, Koppel, Yankel

The Ecstasy and Agony of Jacob Smith

Ninja looked into historical, famous and fictional humans called Jacob Smith. The entire internet created a full dossier!

  • Jacob Smith (actor) (born 1990), American actor
  • Jacob Smith (politician) (1816–1891), ship's captain, Mayor and MHA in South Australia
  • Jacob H. Smith (1840–1918), U.S. Army general during the Philippine-American War in 1901, and a veteran of the Wounded Knee Massacre
  • Jacob W. Smith (1851–1926), businessman and political figure in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Jacob Smith (field hockey) played for New Zealand men's national field hockey team
  • Jacob Smith (boxer) English boxer, participated in Boxing at the 1930 British Empire Games

More Jacob's Everywhere

Jacob is the #4 most common given name in the US of A. Where is Jacob most common? In English, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Jewish, Biblical cultures. Variants of Jacob include Koba, Japik, Jacobo, Jamie, Jaša, Jaakko, Jaime, Jaak, Jaycob, Yaqoob.

Great Last Names: Smith

Surname Smith is the #1 most frequent in the US. The US Census of 2010 says we find 2,442,977 Smith's present in the country. Following is a breakdown showing percent by race. Huh. Go figure.

  • White: 71%
  • Black: 23%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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