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Michael David Simmons
Age: 58
Relatives: Trenton Simmons; Jesse Simmons; Sandra Mcginnis; Vashti Simmons; Cynthia Simmons; Arvilla Simmons; Travis Simmons
Lived in: Saint Petersburg, FL; Denton, TX; Ponder, TX; Jacksonville, NC; Sanger, TX; Richmond, TX; Stafford, TX; Missouri City, TX
Michael Dean Simmons
Age: 61
Relatives: Connor Simmons; Christina Simmons; Nancy Simmons
Lived in: Sevierville, TN; Winston Salem, NC; Shawanee, TN; Greenville, NC; Kernersville, NCWorked At: Nacco Materials Handling Group , Inc
Michael John Simmons
Age: 55
Relatives: Leanne Simmons; Robert Simmons; Anthony Simmons; Virginia Simmons; Margaret Simmons; Kimberly Simmons; Tianna Simmons; Dalit Naor
Lived in: Farmington, MO; Palo Alto, CA; San Jose, CA; Mountain View, CA; Wheaton, MO
Michael D Simmons
Age: 58
Relatives: Mark Simmons; Roberta Simmons; Janene Simmons; Catherine Simmons; Matthew Simmons; Connie Simmons; Raymond Simmons; Calvin Simmons; Ashley Simmons; Vernon Simmons; Deborah Sim; Travis Simmons; Chantry Simmons; Martin Simmons; Edith Simmons
Lived in: Columbia City, IN; Michigan City, IN; South Whitley, IN; Fort Wayne, IN; Brookings, SD; Albion, IN; Coloma, MI; Saint Joseph, MIWorked At: Navy Federal Credit Union
Michael Frank Simmons
Age: 57
Relatives: Carol Simmons; Darryl Simmons; Barbara Simmons; Frank Simmons
Lived in: Layton, UT; Sandy, UT; Ogden, UT; Eden, UT; Salt Lake City, UTWorked At: Caravan Automation

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Washington County Arts&Cultural calendar -- November 2017

Visual art: Paintings by Michael Simmons. Open during regular library hours. Free. North Plains Public Library. NOV. 1. Wo

Pamplin Media Group


Tax bills up for Mar-a-Lago, other Trump properties in Palm Beach ...

And as with his property taxes, Trump's finance department has a history of paying the rent on time, said Michael Simmons, deputy director of ...

Palm Beach Daily News


We answer your questions about iPhone X

Your tech week in audio. Cardhop -- Michael Simmons explains why the world needs another app for curating contacts.


Variations, Abbreviations and Superhero Names

On occasion, a man named Michael uses a nickname or change up the spelling.

Michel, Michi, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mike, Mikey

Ninja Knows Michael Simmons

Some of us dug into fictional, historical and famous individuals called Michael Simmons. Our digging produced a veritable wealth of results.

  • Michael Simmons (RAF officer) British air marshal
  • Michael Simmons (American pioneer) (1814-1867)
  • Mike Simmons winner of the Clifford W. Holmes Award
  • Mick Simmons see List of Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles players
  • Michael Simmons (author)
  • Michael Simmons (clergyman) Anglican clergyman and academic

What's In a (Given) Name? Michael

Surprising? Michael is the #9 most popular given name for boys historically in the USA. Michael is more common in some areas. English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek cultures. Some variants of Michael in other languages include Mícheál, Miĥaelo, Miksa, Miho, Mihkkal, Michal, Misi, Mykolas, Mikel, Mihails.

Simmons? For The Record

The last name Simmons is the #114 most common in the US. By the 2010 US Census, we can estimate a remarkable 210,182 Simmons's here in America. This chart following is grouping percentage by race. Any comments?

  • White: 58%
  • Black: 36%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 3%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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