May 24th – Ninja’s Name Nuggets

Quote of the Day

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. – John Lubbock

Ninja Vs. Aaron

A lonely intern went searching into historical, famous and fictional humans called Aaron. The interwebz revealed a full dossier!

Aaron Martin: Aarón Martín (born 1997), Spanish footballer

Aaron Elliott (born May 20, 1968), better known as Aaron Cometbus is an American drummer lyricist self-described ‘punk anthropologist,’ novelist, and author of punk zine Cometbus.

Aaron Taylor (baseball) (born 1977), former Major League Baseball player

Aaron Garcia (boxer) (born 1982), Mexican-American boxer

Aaron Cook (baseball) (born 1979), Major League Baseball pitcher

Great Last Names: Dunn

The last name Dunn ranks #197 most common. The 2010 US Census reveals there would be a count of 141,427 Dunn’s in America.

Paul Dunn: Paul H. Dunn (1924-1998), American Mormon leader

Robert Dunn (surgeon) (1799-1877), British physician

Cheryl Dunn is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who was born in New Jersey, USA.

Edward Dunn: Eddie Dunn (actor) (1896-1951), American actor

Billy Dunn (footballer, born 1865) (1865-1921), Scottish footballer with Stoke and other clubs

We did a news search for Aaron Dunn?

It appears not just anybody crops up in the news. We have done our work – here is the result for Aaron Dunn

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