July 1st – Ninja’s Name Nuggets

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Ninja Vs. Frances

Ninja looked into historical, famous and even fictional individuals named Frances. The whole web unearthed a scoop.

Frances Wood ( Chinese name Wú F?ngs? ???; born 1948) is an English librarian, sinologue and historian known for her writings on Chinese history, including Marco Polo life in the Chinese treaty ports and the First Emperor of China.

Frances Taylor: Frances Fink Taylor (10 July 1909 — 8 December 1979) was a New York music and film critic and a lyricist whose best-known song, ‘Those Three Are on My Mind’ (with music by Pete Seeger ) was a lament for the murdered civil rights workers James Chaney Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner.

Frances Brown, married name of Frances Drake actress

Frances Browne (1816-1887), Irish poet and novelist

Frances Smith: Frances Polly Smith American photographer

Surname: Castillo!

Surname Castillo ranks #93 most common. In consulting the US Census of 2010, there are something like 230,420 Castillo’s in the nation.

Richard Castillo (Star Trek) a character on Star Trek

Dennis Castillo Romero (born April 30, 1993) is a Costa Rican footballer who plays for the Colorado Rapids after a short-term loan to the Charlotte Independence of the United Soccer League. Prior to playing for the Rapids, Castillo played senior level football for the Portland Timbers U23s in the USL Premier Development League where he won defender of the year honors. Castillo played college soccer for the VCU Rams and was part of the development academy for Deportivo Saprissa one of the top clubs in Costa Rica.

Richard Castillo: Richard Moreta Castillo (born 1965), architect

Anthony Castillo: Antonio Salazar Castillo (born 1989), Mexican footballer

Kimberly Castillo: Kimberly Altagracia Castillo Mota (born August 26, 1988 in Salvaleón de Higüey ) also known as Kim Castillo is a Dominican beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Italia nel Repubblica Dominicana 2010 and represented her country at Miss Italia nel Mondo 2010, she also won Miss Dominican Republic 2014 and represented her country at Miss Universe 2014 but she unplaced.

Here’s the news for Frances… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It seems to be not everyone is newsworthy. We’ve shouldered some process work and so here is that which we have procured for Frances Castillo

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