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Linda? That’s a Mighty Name

Some of us went searching for fictional, historical and famous humans known as Linda. The internet dug up a veritable wealth of results.

Linda Coleman (Alabama politician) Democratic member of the Alabama Senate

Linda Henry: Linda Valiris known professionally by her maiden name Linda Henry (born 1 January 1963) is an English actress, known for her roles as Yvonne Atkins in the ITV television drama Bad Girls (1999-2003) and Shirley Carter in the BBC soap opera EastEnders a role she has played since 2006. She had previously appeared in EastEnders as the original Lorraine Salter the mother of Mandy Salter ( Nicola Stapleton ) from 1991 to 1992. Her other TV credits include Cracker (1995) Prime Suspect (1997) and Trial & Retribution (1998). She has also appeared in the films Beautiful Thing (1996) and The Business (2005).

Linda Robinson: Linda Thorson (born Linda Robinson on 18 June 1947) is a Canadian actress, best known for playing Tara King in The Avengers (1968-69). For her role in The Avengers Thorson received a special BAFTA at the 2000 BAFTA TV Awards along with the other three actresses from the series Honor Blackman Joanna Lumley and Diana Rigg.

Linda Mason is a makeup and visual artist famous since the 1970s for her creative and exciting use of color.

Linda Adams, character in Escape by Night (1937 film)

Great Surnames: Palmer

Surname Palmer is the #172 most common in the United States. By the 2010 US Census, we have seen – count ’em – 156,601 Palmer’s present in the United States.

Frank Palmer Speare (1869-1954), first president of Northeastern University

Katherine Palmer: Kate Palmer netball player

Michael Palmer (American football) (born 1988), American football tight end

Stephanie Palmer is a consultant development executive and author. In 2005, she founded Good in a Room, a consulting company and blog that helps professionals inside and outside the film industry learn to pitch and advance their projects.

John Palmer (1785-1840) U.S. Congressman from New York

We ran a search for news on Linda? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We’ve found not merely anybody is in the news. We’ve undertaken some work and following is what we found for Linda Palmer

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