Robert Ford

There are so many Robert Ford's in the world

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Robert Allen Ford
Age: 62
Relatives: Cheryl Ford; Deborah Ford; Adam Ford; Brandon Ford; Roger Ford; Andrew Ford; Debbie Ford
Lived in: Jenison, MI; Martinsville, IN; Byron Center, MI; Grandville, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Beech Grove, IN; Melrose Park, IL; Greenfield, INWorked At: Gordon Food Service Inc; West Catholic High School; Great Lakes ComputerStudied at: Hope College
Robert G Ford
Age: 79
Relatives: Philomena Ford; Mary Ford; Linda Ford; V Ford
Lived in: Pittsburgh, PA; Perryopolis, PA; Ormond Beach, FL; Pompano Beach, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FLWorked At: Management Science Associates Inc
Robert W Ford
Age: 62
Relatives: M Ford; Charla Ford; Mary Lambruschi; Morgan Ford; Deborah Ford; Mike Ford; Cheryl Ford; Christina Nieves; Maggie Burton; Danielle Ford; Michael Ford; Reginald Lambruschi; Louis Lambruschi
Lived in: Rock Hill, SC; Gastonia, NC; Atlanta, GA; Peekskill, NY; Smyrna, SCWorked At: M & S Automobile Sales, Inc
Robert Anthony Ford
Age: 45
Relatives: Jess Ford; Christine Ford; Sally Telford; Ronald Ford; Jeff Ford; Danielle Ford; Debra Rugh; Jason Ford
Lived in: Newport Beach, CA; Anaheim, CA; Mammoth Lakes, CA; Aliso Viejo, CA; Kenmore, WA; Laguna Hills, CA; Orange, CA; Corvallis, OR; Kirkland, WA; Santa Ana, CA; Bothell, WA; Costa Mesa, CA; Beaverton, OR; Rancho Santa Margarita, CAWorked At: Frontline Firewall Inc
Robert Allan Ford
Age: 61
Relatives: Janet Ford; Allan Ford; Mary Ford; Lisa Knight; Katy Ford; Kathryn Ford
Lived in: Hatfield, PA; Kulpsville, PA; Pottstown, PA; Lansdale, PA; Virginia Beach, VA; Merion Station, PA; Wynnewood, PAWorked At: Towamencin Township; Rich Ranieri IncStudied at: University Of Pennsylvania; Boston College; Cranwell Prep School

Here is the news for Robert!

We do know not everyone can make the news. We've taken on some ninja training and following is the apotheosis.


Oregon prosecutors develop new safety plan for witnesses in ...

In Portland, prosecutors think it cost Robert Ford his life. "His life became endangered because of his willingness to step forward on a serious ...


Bernadine Ford

She is preceded in death by her parents, Leander Armand and John Ford, brother, John Ford II, children, Edward Rogers III and Robert Ford, ...

The Port Arthur News


Why The Good Place is NBC's meta successor to Community

Michael is a storyteller trying to stay one step ahead of his audience -- bearing a resemblance to Robert Ford of Westworld, a show ...

Variations, Nicknames and Superhero Names

Occasionally, a man named Robert uses a nickname or change how's it spelled.

Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Rob, Robbe, Robbie, Robby, Robin

Robert Ford? That's a Mighty Name

Our team went looking for fictional, historical and famous individuals named Robert Ford. The interwebz discovered things previously lost to history.

  • Bob Ford (basketball) (born 1950), American basketball player
  • Robert Ford (poet) (1915–1998), poet and Canadian diplomat
  • Robert Stephen Ford (born 1958), former American ambassador to Syria and former ambassador to Algeria
  • Robert Ford (footballer) (born 1993), Welsh footballer
  • Rob Ford (1969–2016), former Mayor of Toronto
  • Bob Ford (golfer) (born 1954), American golfer, see Pennsylvania Open Championship
  • Bobby Ford (born 1974), English footballer
  • Robert Ford (politician) (born 1948), member of the South Carolina Senate
  • Robert Ford (sportscaster) American sportscaster for the Houston Astros
  • Robert Ford, character in Westworld (TV series)
  • Bob Ford (American football) (born 1937), American football coach
  • Robert Forde (1875–1959), explorer
  • Robert W. Ford (1923–2013), author and radio operator in Tibet in between 1945 and 1950
  • Robert Ford (outlaw) (1861–1892), the man who killed Jesse James
  • Robert Ford ( One Life to Live ) a fictional soap opera character
  • Robert MacDonald Ford (1911–2004), Washington state politician and friend of L. Ron Hubbard
  • Bobby Ford (Scottish footballer) (born 1949), played for Dundee FC
  • Robert Ford (British Army officer) (1923–2015), Adjutant-General to the Forces in the United Kingdom

More Robert's Everywhere

Lots of them! Robert is the #63 most common first name given to boys in the US of A. Where is Robert most common? In English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Romanian, Ancient Germanic cultures. Variants of Robert in other languages include Robertas, Hob, Róbert, Hopcyn, Rupert, Roparzh, Roberto, Hopkin, Ruprecht, Hrodebert.

Surname: Ford!

Ford, as a surname, ranks #137 most frequent. In consulting the US Census of 2010, we see 184,832 Ford's present in the nation. Below is a breakdown showing percentage by race. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • White: 62%
  • Black: 32%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 3%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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