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Robert Roy Ross
Age: 80
Relatives: Tracey Dean; Lynn Ross; Facs Ross; Thro Ross; Karen Kirsch; Monika Ross; Antoinette Ross; Antoinete Robert
Lived in: Nokomis, FL; Venice, FL; Lansing, MI; Brandon, FL; Englewood, FLWorked At: Ross Thro & Ruane Mds Pa
Robert S Ross
Age: 73
Relatives: Louise Ross; Dalton Ross; Jeffrey Ross; Stuart Ross; Chris Ross; Jennifer Mcnulty; Elizabeth Ross; Cecilia Ross; Julia Ross; Janet Ross; Lewis Ross
Lived in: Washington, DC; Camp Hill, PA; Huntington Station, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Omaha, NE; Chicago, IL; Providence, RI; Branford, CT; Worcester, MA; Bethesda, MD; Bangor, ME; South Dartmouth, MA; Cambridge, MA; Birmingham, AL; Harrisburg, PA; Mountain View, CA; Maitland, FL; Dartmouth, MA; Riverside, RIWorked At: Linkedin; Clark Construction Group , Llc; Cozen O'connor Llp; Clark University; Travel Nurse Across America; Xamarin Inc; Nutech National Inc; Greenlee Partners Llc; Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium; Consumer & Enterprise Mobile Startups; Wishpop IncStudied at: University Of Michigan; University Of Chicago; Princeton University; Temple University - James E. Beasley School Of Law
Robert Lee Ross
Age: 61
Relatives: Kay Ross; Eric Ross; Julie Ross
Lived in: Kila, MT; Kalispell, MT; Worland, WY; Cut Bank, MT; Rock Springs, WY; Green River, WY; Boulder, COWorked At: Roscos
Robert John Ross
Relatives: Samantha Ross; Frances Ross; Jessica Ross; Dorothy Ross; Andrew Ross; Karen Ross; Denice Ross; Callagy Ross; Rose-Mary Ross
Lived in: Stowe, VT; Mesa, AZ; Derby, VT; Florence, AZ; Fairfax, VT; Apache Junction, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; Burlington, VT; Richmond, VT; Wolcott, VT; Morrisville, VTWorked At: Ross Environmental Associates Inc
Robert F Ross
Age: 68
Relatives: Deborah Ross; Ruth Ross; George Ross; Laura Ross
Lived in: Charleston, SC; Carrboro, NC; Lake Forest, IL; Durham, NCWorked At: Inspire; Chicago Research Group Inc

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We have found not just anyone is in the news. We've taken on the search - here is that which we have procured.


Search for David Boren's successor: Get to know the 17 people who ...

Robert Ross is the president and CEO of the Inasmuch Foundation and the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

The Oklahoma Daily


The world I live in

Robert Ross looks at the harsh realities which make delivering advice around aged care so challenging.

Money Management


Stream of the Crop: 13 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

If there's any justice, it will see Julien Baker regarded as the masterful songwriter and singer that she is. --Alex Robert Ross ...


Name Variants, Nicknames and Lazy Names

One might find a boy named Robert will use a nickname or change up the spelling.

Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Rob, Robbe, Robbie, Robby, Robin

You May Not Know Robert Ross Like We Know Robert Ross

Ninja looked for fictional, historical and famous individuals named Robert Ross. Our search revealed a full dossier!

  • Ranger Ross (born 1959 as Robert Lee Ross, Jr.), American professional wrestler
  • Robert Tripp Ross (1903–1981), United States Representative from New York
  • Robert S. Ross (born 1954), professor of political science at Boston College
  • Robert Samuel Ross (1873–1931), Australian socialist
  • Robert J. Ross (born 1974), president and CEO of Inasmuch Foundation and Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation
  • Robert Ross (Royal Marines officer) (died 1794), commander of the marines in the first European settlement of New South Wales
  • Robbie Ross (rugby league) (born 1975), Australian former rugby league player
  • Robert Ross (educator) (1934–2005), founding president of the American Association for Australian Literary Studies
  • Robert Beatson Ross (1867–1949), New Zealand politician
  • Robert Dalrymple Ross (1827–1887), South Australian politician
  • Robbie Ross Jr. (born 1989), baseball pitcher
  • Robert Ross (British Army officer) (1766–1814), Anglo-Irish British Army officer
  • Robert Ross (politician) (born 1981), member of the Missouri House of Representatives
  • Robert Knox Ross (1893–1951), British Army officer
  • Robbie Ross (1869–1918), art historian
  • Robert Ross, 5th Lord Ross (1563–1595), Scottish nobleman
  • Robert Ross, 9th Lord Ross (died 1648), Scottish nobleman
  • Robert Ross (botanist) (1912–2005), British botanist

Exploring Robert

You might not know: Robert ranks #63 as a popular male given name throughout the USA. Where might you find a Robert? English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Romanian, Ancient Germanic cultures. Other variants of Robert in other languages include Roope, Robi, Ruperto, Hrodebert, Ruprecht, Berto, Robertas, Raibeart, Hopkin, Roparzh.

Ending With Ross

Surname Ross is the #98 most frequent in the United States. By the 2010 US Census, we have observed somewhere around 229,368 Ross's here in America. Here is the chart collating percentage by race. Interesting?

  • White: 69%
  • Black: 24%
  • Latino: 3%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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