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Roger T Nichols
Age: 57
Relatives: F Nichols; Herbert Nichols; Robert Nichols; Elsie Nichols; Victoria Nichols; James Nichols; Irma Nichols
Lived in: Virginia Beach, VA; Nottingham, MD; Centreville, VA; Rosedale, MD; Worcester, MA; Cockeysville, MD; Parkville, MD; Reston, VA; Perry Hall, MD; Hickory, NCWorked At: Dealers Lp Equipment Co
Roger Dale Nichols
Age: 53
Relatives: Renee Nichols; Carrie Nichols; Rebecca Nichols; Brooks Nichols; Mike Nichols; Justin Nichols; Michael Nichols; Jennifer Fisher
Lived in: Boulder, CO; Winter Park, CO; Little Rock, AR; Oak Brook, IL; Chicago, IL; Leesburg, VA; Reston, VA; Englewood, COWorked At: American Medical Association; American College Of Radiology; Radiological Society Of North America , Inc.; American Roentgen Ray Society; Boulder Community Health; Colorado Radiological SocietyStudied at: University Of Iowa
Roger L Nichols
Age: 62
Relatives: Jennifer Nichols; Jennifr Nichols; Kyle Nichols
Lived in: Magalia, CA; Paradise, CA; Oroville, CA; Sacramento, CA; Chico, CAWorked At: Paradise Community Foundation; Elgin Community College; Walter And Nichols Investigative Services Inc
Roger James Nichols
Age: 56
Relatives: Scott Nichols; Robert Nichols; Bill Nichols; Beverley Nichols; Michael Nichols; Joy Barnhouse; Tilly Nichols; Paul Nichols; Sandra Nichols; Eileen Robertson; Alex Nichols; Rosemarie Nichols; Shirley Nichols; Okey Nichols; Thomas Nichols; Mona Burlingame; Emily Nichols; Jacqueline Nichols; Jackie Newman; Richard Nichols; Fred Barnhouse
Lived in: Massillon, OH; Canton, OH; Des Moines, IA; Neptune, NJ; Belmar, NJ; Bradley Beach, NJ; Woodbridge, NJ; San Mateo, CAWorked At: Brnd Llc; Landowner; Desantis Creative; Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc; R&j Marketing; Nationwide Computers And Electronics
Roger A Nichols
Age: 65
Relatives: Virginia Nichols; Mark Nichols; Lorna Nichols; Fred Nichols; Joyce Neely; Virgina Nichols
Lived in: Pine, CO; Salisbury, NC; Littleton, CO; Miami, FL; Corfu, NYWorked At: Industrial Supply Company; Digital Atomics

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Walter Becker & Steely Dan: Engineering the Passion Behind the ...

In 1972, producer Gary Katz would work with Steely Dan on their debut album and together with Roger Nichols, the four began a lifelong ...

Audioholics (press release) (blog)


St. Joe Shields holds first tryout

Owner and coach Roger Nichols and his staff ran two hours worth of practice for eight players. He left ecstatic about the team's future on the ...

News-Press Now


Lawsuit Targets Big Political Super PAC for Infringing Paul Anka Song

Roger Nichols and Three Eagles Music filed the complaint in California federal court alleging that a commercial targeting Wisconsin senatorial ...

Hollywood Reporter

Name Variants, Abbreviations and Super Secret Names

Occasionally, an individual named Roger uses an abbreviated name or change the spelling.


Looking For An Historical Roger Nichols

Some of us looked for famous, historical and fictional individuals named Roger Nichols. The internet produced a veritable wealth of results.

  • Roger Nichols (motorcycle racer) British racer in the 1971- 1976 Grand Prix motorcycle racing seasons
  • Roger Nichols (recording engineer) (1944–2011), American recording engineer, producer and inventor
  • Roger Nichols (musical scholar) (born 1939), English writer specialising in French music
  • Roger Nichols (songwriter) American composer and songwriter

What's In a Name? Roger

A bit more info: Roger is the #579 most common first name in the USA. Where is Roger popular? English, French, Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch. Other variants of Roger in other languages include Ruth, Hrodger, Rodger, Rogério, Hróðgeirr, Hroðgar, Rüdiger, Ruggero, Rutger, Hróarr.

About the Last Name Nichols

Nichols, as a last name, ranks #189 most common. In consulting the 2010 US Census, we can estimate a total of 145,584 Nichols's in the United States. Here is the breakdown demonstrating percent by race. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • White: 82%
  • Black: 12%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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