William Baker

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Retained at every government office is a wide array of records in multiple formats. Individuals looking to access these records can contact the city, county or state office or obtain them from a known public records website. Either option may need a cost.

William C Baker
Age: 63
Relatives: Mayer Baker; Benjamin Baker; Julia Baker; Jake Baker; Alden Baker
Lived in: Baltimore, MD; Jamestown, RI; Marina Del Rey, CA; Laurinburg, NC; Annapolis, MD; Warrenton, VA; Hampstead, MD
William P Baker
Age: 64
Relatives: Joanne Baker; Todd Baker; Scott Baker; Mary Baker; Shirley Baker; Janelle Baker; Velvet Baker; Brendon Baker; Michael Baker; Annaliese Baker; Robert Baker
Lived in: Danville, CA; Benicia, CA; Fairfax Station, VA; Woodbridge, VA; Clifton, VA; Lorton, VA; San Luis Obispo, CA; Pismo Beach, CA; Clovis, CA; San Ramon, CA; Martinez, CAWorked At: Lpl Financial Services
William Odie Baker
Age: 61
Relatives: Beverly Lett; Loretta Baker; Teresa Baker
Lived in: Goltry, OK; Enid, OK; Drummond, OK; Wichita, KS; Pond Creek, OK
William Greg Baker
Age: 61
Relatives: Sandra Baker; Chris Baker; Jennifer Baker; Greg Baker; Tina Basil
Lived in: Tacoma, WA; New York, NY; Bellevue, WA; Sumner, WA; Eatonville, WA
William L Baker
Age: 87
Relatives: Terry Baker; Jessica Baker; Micah Baker; Mirenea Baker; Stephen Baker; Clarissa Stewart-Baker; Clair Baker; Kathleen Baker; Lois Baker
Lived in: Franklin, PA; Erie, PA; Polk, PA; Arlington, VA; Washington, DCWorked At: Pa. Doves Of Love

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We have discovered not everyone is in the news. We've taken on the work - following is the culmination.


Former fire lieutenant charged for placing hidden camera in ...

4, the victim told police that she saw the suspect, James William Baker II, leaving the female locker room she was about to enter. A



Updated: Your megaguide to holiday events around Kansas City

William Baker Festival Singers, “Candlelight, Carols & Cathedral”. Dec. 15, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and Dec. 17, G

Kansas City Star


Hutch associate with 122 previous convictions due to be released ...

His co-accused, William Baker (34), was sentenced earlier this month and received a two-year suspended sentence. H


Variants, Nicknames and Ninja Names

One might find William uses a nickname or change the spelling.

Bill, Billie, Billy, Liam, Wil, Will, Willie, Willy

William Baker...That Sounds Familiar

Ninja searched for famous, historical and fictional humans known as William Baker. The web produced curious conclusions.

  • William Baker (priest) (1870–1950), Anglican Archdeacon of Sheffield
  • William P. Baker (born 1940), U.S. Representative from California
  • William Y. Baker (1829–?), Wisconsin State Assemblyman
  • William Baker (cricketer, born 1823) (1823–1888), English cricketer
  • William Baker (cricketer, born 1807) (1807–1885), English cricketer
  • William Washington Baker (1844–1927), member of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • William Leonard Baker (1831–1893), Australian politician, member of the WA Legislative Assembly
  • William Eli Baker (1873–1954), United States federal judge
  • William Benjamin Baker (1840–1911), U.S. Representative from Maryland
  • William Baker (Lower Canada politician) (1789–1866), politician in Lower Canada
  • William Baker (bishop of Zanzibar) (1902–1990), English Anglican Bishop of Zanzibar
  • William Baker (baseball) (1866–1930), owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, 1913–1930
  • William C. Baker (1858–1931), mayor of Providence, Rhode Island
  • William A. Baker (1911–1981), naval architect
  • William Erskine Baker (1808–1881), British Indian Army officer
  • William Baker (Indian Army officer) (1888–1964), British officer who served in the Indian Army
  • Sir William Baker (British politician) (1705–1770), British businessman and politician; Member of Parliament for Plympton Erle
  • William Baker, builder after whom Baker Street London, is named
  • William Baker (footballer) (c. 1883–1916), British footballer for Plymouth Argyle
  • William Baker (fashion designer) (born 1973), English fashion designer

William... That Sounds Familiar!

Intriguing? William ranks #5 as a popular male first name historically in the U.S. William is more common in some areas. English, culturally. Some variants of William include Willahelm, Wum, Vilhelmi, Vilho, Uilliam, Wim, Ville, Ulick, Wilhelmus, Vilhjálmur.

Great Last Names: Baker

Baker, as a last name, is the #44 most popular in the United States. Looking at the 2010 US Census, there may be something like 419,586 Baker's in the country. Here's the breakdown demonstrating percentage by race. Read on!

  • White: 80%
  • Black: 14%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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