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William L Nichols
Age: 62
Relatives: Anita Nichols; Patricia Nichols; Amanda Nichols; Casandra Nichols; James Nichols; Garry Nichols; Cynthia Nichols; Cassandra Nichols
Lived in: Richmond, IN; Nashville, TN; Eaton, OH; West Chester, OH; Saint Petersburg, FL; Somerset, KY; Erlanger, KY; Florence, KY; Washington, DC; Rock Island, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Morehead, KY; Alexandria, VA; Binghamton, NY; Columbia, KYWorked At: Haworth Inc; American Psychological Association; American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy; Citymax.com Inc; University Partnership; Satir Institute Of The Pacific; Association For Psychological Science; American Family Therapy Academy; International Family Therapy Association; Mallinckrodt IncStudied at: Purdue University; Michigan State University; American Psychological Association; Association For Psychological Science; American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy
William Keith Nichols
Age: 58
Relatives: Mitch Ell; Jeannett Nichols; Cynthya Nichols; Billie Nichols; Mark Nichols; Jimmie Nichols; Cindy Nichols; Charlotte Nichols
Lived in: Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; Lincolnton, GA; Appling, GA; Mount Pleasant, SC; Evans, GA; Sylacauga, AL; Ellijay, GA; Hollywood, SCWorked At: Science Applications International Corporation; Us NavyStudied at: Trident Technical College; Thomas Edison State College
William Nichols
Age: 46
Relatives: Daniel Nickles; Barbara Nickles; Michele Lavett; Sally Nickles; Joseph Nickles; Samuel Nickles
Lived in: Wilsonville, AL; Biloxi, MS; Hattiesburg, MS; Leland, NC; Birmingham, ALWorked At: Grid One Solutions ,incStudied at: William Carey University
William Rodger Nichols
Age: 71
Relatives: Wm Nichols; Karen Nichols; Jr Nichols; Julia Nichols
Lived in: Prospect Park, PA; Norwood, PA; Clifton Heights, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Ridley Park, PA
William Allen Nichols
Age: 70
Relatives: Carol Nichols; Theresa Furlong; Frances Nichols; Janice Mclees; Sarah Nichols; Jodie Nichols; Rex Nichols
Lived in: Broomfield, CO; Crestone, CO; Denver, CO; Arvada, CO; Longmont, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Berthoud, CO; Battle Creek, MIWorked At: Sentient Homes, Inc.; Electronic Solutions , Inc.; Echostar Communications CorporationStudied at: University Of Colorado

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Legal expert on marijuana law feted by county

... accepted a framed copy of the resolution from the board, county Prosecutor William Nichols and several other law enforcement officers.

Monroe Evening News



The 1880 Census lists the family as: William Nichols and his wife, "Lewsanda" Nichols, and their children; William N. Nichols, Carrie V. N

Verde Independent


Marine Corp's 242nd anniversary observed

From left: William Nichols, Brent Filson and Gedeon LaCroix cut the cake at the 242nd celebration of the Marine Corps, at Garlic John's in ...

The Manchester Journal

Name Variations, Abbreviations and Other Stuff

One could find a man named William will go by a nickname or change the spelling.

Bill, Billie, Billy, Liam, Wil, Will, Willie, Willy

This William Nichols? Or That William Nichols?

Some of us went digging into fictional, historical and famous humans known as William Nichols. The research created curious conclusions.

  • William Flynt Nichols (1918–1988), member of United States House of Representatives for Alabama
  • William Nichols, secretary of John Fell 17th century clergyman
  • William Nichols (architect) (1780–1853), English-born American architect
  • William Francis Nichols (1852–1917), American businessman and politician
  • Bill Nichols (born 1942), historian and film theorist
  • William Ripley Nichols (1847–1886), chemist and leading authority on water purification
  • William Nichols, founder of Nichols School in 1892
  • William H. Nichols (1852–1930), chemist and businessman
  • William Nichols (Medal of Honor) (1837–?), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • William T. Nichols (1829–1882), American politician, soldier, and businessman
  • William Nichols Dean of Chester 1644–1657
  • William Nichols (mariner) (fl. 1758–1780), English sea captain in the 18th century

What About William?

A bit of trivia: William ranks #5 as a popular first name for boys historically in America. Where might you find a William? English, culturally. Other variants of William in other languages include Guglielmo, Jami, Ville, Guillaume, Vilhelmi, Wullem, Wilhelm, Willem, Uilleag, Vilis.

Last Name: Nichols!

Surname Nichols is the #189 most common in the United States. The 2010 US Census says we assume 145,584 Nichols's present in the nation. This chart following is showing percent by race. Noteworthy.

  • White: 82%
  • Black: 12%
  • Latino: 2%
  • Multiple: 2%
  • Native American: <1%
  • Asian: <1%

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